Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Contact mic pin-up of the month!

This month's-- no, let's just say, this winter's Crank-contact-microphone-user-centerfold-pin-up-winner goes to the one and only (and staggeringly amazing) Clang Quartet!! Scotty tops it. Check him out!!!

The slowmy staight

1. We godda put merry/kaw bag (2) worque
3. Rice fused for absolute credence and leer-bladder devival
4. Thru seven (rhymes with heaven)
8. Speaks highly of chewing
9. Nein. No. Figure it gout
10. If yore is Swedish; zen is Sven

All the patter?

The man would be pudding, sez the poem. Castles of cardboard, getting beat up after lunch, shipping celebrities off to rendition camping scenarios (beans, sierras, traded joesephones) (in shallow grave portables, mind you); lux yurts and platters of yeast items, candlepants damping persuasions, but most and donny, gag restraints on comedians and architectures-- too preachy unkind, on topple, in candor, and gleaming of dirt and cinnamon, incandescent eggs, and chained through one too many delay units. The resolute would knife the leg or tire, slack the sables while hefting two before seven, eleven say, backpacks into staff/infected mods of wracks, guise, chisels, superindent agent interior lexicon semantics, and but for were it naught: the light inside that misery month would glow baby glow.

(eyes used for tooth support)

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Oh helmet gods, ye strike the coil and fondle the wind and brim the shirks and shit on the sheiks; I love thee!

1. Coast

2. to Coast!

All entries required were the eyed, the ore, the oft toppled top ends of suitcases and gleem. Ever cheer the dander? Snow knew knotted seas and temperance was a condition re-felted with pipe hats and swoon depictions; all anew & about as mulch, addendum together were cardboard and styrofoam ... lashing gnashing and hashing plans: everyday of our lives.


Thursday, February 24, 2011


The mother F coils her nests with inPpro...
(parenthetical); & uses for tooth support notwithstanding
1. Guise Ape

2. Widened trysts: this won't be available on yubet'you for quite
3. But bear within (me)
4. Video daily (checkmark)
5. And still (figuratively) a cardboard sturgeon every day of my life
- ween us
- rhymes with
6. Sued for dental insurrection, those retina patinas

Saturday, February 19, 2011

If. Wisconsin. Can. Then. Why. Not. The. Rest. Of. Us.

Leering at the garish tele-hue pall cast over perhaps a less-listless-these-days clump; those heads of state and their houses of cards seem to be falling down, down, down. But with an elated finger cross and unfocused retina... let's hope the 21st century dada doesn't elope with its cousin, the 21st century Kafka. Them's bad progeny, surely, and a quiver full of shudders to behold. Or meb's it's already there, and the burns and crowds will be duped again: placed into boxes and ignored by the secretaries and ministers and governors and such, whom tout their respect for all the clamor, all the while patting their rifle butts.

(eyes used for tooth support)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Futile Art

1. Wifi

2. Hot spot

3. Getting there

(eyes confused for truth spots)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Often cruel mute

1. Django

2. Lando

(eyes used for tooth support)

On obstacles in retaining likely horses of waddle

1. e(l/Uł
2. tTH/s

(eyes used for tooth support)

Monday, February 14, 2011


1. Tat

2. It

(eyes used for tooth support)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Beather Bunder

A little dawning in the darkest of shells. You may notice a sudden jaunt in the minuses. No worries, she'll do you shell. The prosper cannons had headway up on the fourth tier before folding cores and skins a'fleshy, loading xo's and eightfold down, but good on the jones, as culpable as crance, and even level in leavening. We'd hired a few horseman: one with pummel, the other in a state of ready hand and burls of finger-wide diminutive. Together, dashing hasty as they were spurious, ten occasions milk directional would have them playing lightly on the sand, without grimace nor sad dejected ordinary, but a clasp of silver in each, and lye, sable, forts, the requisite three digit elipse: these worried into pairs, laden healed with nitrogen, but buttressed with a zeal none another likened. Hers was a musing meld. Cold as feet, and ripe as a nape, the thoughts on you had to be onward up the fence, down a slide, retent in obstinate teatery or heatherizing plentifold cuts and wonder, dairy played over, by a wednesday, as only the teeming and apparent temperment of minaret abetting could ferry that loss and ally with canal richter and his grape dour bowery of dire sours and frustrated bruce; another notable, end is slight. A mirabelle, once as used as a tune, could tom that umpire with a belly so wired so as to be mistook for a cushion of shoots, and a laser full of carry-lances.

(eyes used for tooth support)

I'ze sued for use rapport


Fat finger figure. An extra R for the ighteous inger/mindl3d wint ye comb, comb, comb dove ____ danklee?

(e.yes.used.for.tool slow short)
Cheated bereft 8 flannimal sojournal sedge plot clobber.

Aste 'aby, 'astid. Cuphold hilted and scpendle wlee; fir3 made for denizen dandruff overcomber (married twice, swell & swole-holer). Th' shurks shorezen see'd fir3y b8pe: BAADER fat finge'd f&ie.


Saturday, February 12, 2011


Lover piles and cloven tooth fights with sired septum lamed worsted ferrites and that bing of ol' chup chup against on the yet connect and cut; the pouring stars seven fires, gals, tickles in lean, but none more. The sanity claws left been dine done dwell; cords and slaved preen andes, x's often huffed thrice why's, better kettled, brian dim, fortunate lunged, lopped like all would bevy that shun to the punk, prim, pauper, 'atta boy, matta-clarking sounding and loon tuft tier liar leapsake bilge. You knew I what you men meaning well meant known non.

(eyes used for tooth support)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Four D. Taggart's revenge!

This salvo intercepted by means of electronic information super highway transmission. Time to swat and sway means of defoggery in this lucid method of collection-- the road clearly has her bumps and rash patches, clothed in oily demure enzymes, preconditioned lo-bit misunderstandings, and the weight of mild milk vulgarity; squeezing such to a tine of sherry and bock beer, entwined via brass instrument coalitions falling down stair after stair, and finally, the binary consequence of sequencing memes and hemmingwhy wise/dumb putterings and vacation standards beset into sorrow fields, lime nights, cheering oracles, ant eating, paper kunst, lunar betsy, bon jovean dove & dowel teeth, pariah francs, jelly bold, sabre sire, stable poops, guilty leathers, fond due lopping tories, vomit stories, all her glories, billed spore nor flower oratories, wet nest, cold folded door pest, giant lou and trifle calendula steeped stamping moms and wows and maker's thank flung: it's just a garter and kidding, and to this the tags are lanked, shooken with baste, taken cover, and floomed with a gratuity unable than other, to grin with an ok'd stretch of cindy and cringe.

(eyes used for tooth support)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mark cyst so shall list

Twenty one as matt.
Nineteen as crank.

I'm still half of eighty.

(eyes used for tooth support)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Two, Five, Eleven

1. Mantras tied: snowshoeing requires advil. It's not imperative, but it's also hardly entertaining or sportsmanlike.
2. Obscured in the darkness however (the snow has that side effect), this missive is sent by way of Venice. I trust that it's a hint. Or at least, warmer.

4. And lastly? While you are at it...
Conduct a chain of effects. Send instructions or scores to friends. Go on tour. Make something out of it; and "it" can be anything. Make things connect. See life as a circuit. Get blurry. Digitize, or not. Shake hands. Throw away omens, but listen every now and again to what your heart says. Call it a fish.

6. (see 5).

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ontological Blandarchism

1. Relics irrelephant; blogological impediatism

2. Hakim eBey...

(why's soothed for loot cavort)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

recipient (sign along the dotted)

This just in (why, just the other day)

Sverdlovsk Area,
c. Kamensk-Uralsky
(i.e., a long way away)

(eyes used for tooth support)

aims oice: regoyce paulding birefdag endegiptsonsfyre

He handed the ham strings able until the mortuary caved nicks and ploded fond-you's; hire-oh lapsed and shotfires-- it was all dunk. Guns, ammals, hotch-cactrian; lobed and ignobled, tarry the tweenies, foreshocks and fuchs: a rashe forsoon took and reatchly, a salute to bustly and mienstrommers, clad and canclackenous with ankle shine plates of vounce & flinking shuffenhophfers, toed tillusion kie rash and seeing the plore thru trowliest visors of what fists reason gave you; pie flown windowcreaky up up wider cinderling and hosed, barried priers and bunglehope cradle lauded, sweeteners in a felted lice icing, curest and zyred lowdown qualf ass and cassionald ashe stamp proprietory wist tomtom sloops; mired warn wore torned pake and hurn-handlers, debt rough winter lopst, basted in hillpiles plessing deabled in wristed savouries of killamung, and while teeple flimsy and pabble shoshonierelly, this gire wadded a maipe unabley-dungereened, shoke and prissed to a pointed heed; sarse, plassy, and fooked.

(eyes used for tooth support)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

debt of wine tour

1. Cocklespur

2. Pumpocity

(eyes used for tooth support/ed by fancy snaps/thx to samuel cousins for taking the pix/yepyoubet)