Sunday, November 6, 2011

11.5.11 (trilogy heart/artburn relief pageant)

1. Crank Sturgeon

2. Dei X

3. Id m theft able

eyes used for tooth support

s'rabe; s'raven

1. Click tick


eyes used for tooth support

2. Eighteen hundred dollops


lies fused for tithe sport

3. Created in the pier; microgroan & progenitor

same aha

dryer hose used for crotch toffee

Friday, November 4, 2011

for Taggart's third grid snorkel & cannes

Bas' toon
( ooo )

The prior apt had an attire and rap of candied nopes and well dung rind on a most irrepressible host.


humpcale by Crank Sturgeon


tinybluse by Crank Sturgeon

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

cuts the cloth & fines the shin well apt...

A few words, choice perhaps. Snake-wrangling (asp graspingly?) curt and eyebrow endearing...


You'd think the Giant Feral Cat Man Of Portland would be capable of looking after himself, but Auld Mother Theft Able only allows him infrequent respites from the Strange Maine basement compund in which he dwells with his sixteen feline brothers. The only reason he's been granted permission to sail to these shores on a barge made of amplified objects powered by wordless vocal sputter and nostril steam is that he's conceded to be chaperoned by the stately Mr. Sturgeon.
Stranger still is the notion that any self-respecting parent would charge the care of their beloved mangey mountain manchild to a fellae reknowned for employing questionable costumes and homebuilt untried/ untested/ unclean audio birching implements in his arsenal of disciplinary devices when chastising unruly noise bairns.
Do you know where your children are?

the first one gets you paid

How's the digital divide helping your alp?
3. Steppe one:
-Smartphoan clicker-tick
4. Steppes du (you, me, or two/tu)
-Object point and chute
2. Schlep thrice (be nice)
-mouse (a type of rodentata) on "man dyspeptic tong"

5. Steppe one and a half, and what the symbology rereates, albeit childishly, and rather drawn in the manner of a simpleton (if you want an honest opinion):
if this fails, and your services were not only unsatisfactory, poorly attended, or hell, even considered, at yours, in a queue or quarterly taxed, issued, smelly, incongruent, all-out-and-at-a-loss, downright unscrupulous, in a manner deemed unfit, evasive, manual, degrading, or of a (in denial sort of breath, underscored, uncertain, yet pleading with those doey, doughy eyes) and served silver-tongued (as would a) portion of half-eaten (in smackingly good but ashamed) piece of goodly dark chocolate, or damn, that second indiscretion, well-beknighted, but, condescending, compulsory, afraid, in tears, or tiers, combative, but as would say a, or the, cricket would, in her responding answer to his click, this highlighted verbal bug, the one we all sought after, had in fact, like the eagle, landed right here ON THE NOSE.

Grey Area Gallery

If traveling to Brighton, UK?

Stop on by!

eyes used for tooth support

Multiplied-fore/Robnockshus(((shins implined:;/and ate a razed))illbear

eyes used for tooth support

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

one reckless haggle/recipe, Taggart

Properties adjusting.
Proportional to a coup.
Singe that wink, yoze.
Say that you will sue.
I got nose time, 'nother...
Better sledge that high nigh and well scented (why wary?) (knows nary) (piles to carry) (cherry on, cherry on) clots to bind wire mortar, cement, sea meant: slue (I mean, really?)
Fork my wide, brother...
Torque shards and do.

eyes used for tooth support