Saturday, September 24, 2011

O lo lo, Malmö

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

from Kukimo, found on the web

Ghastly hook!
Blue nook and spread-leggedly.
A buck, et vous?
Toes, terribly booted; mires dot the shrine!

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To reitterate, alight, (the) illiterate

Jan. 1st 2006

"if there's one thing I can't stand, it's some candy-ass with no personal reserve. Whenever I see a man with no personal reserve it makes me very, very angry"

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

R.U.'s (e)

Are you busted?
Are you trusted?
Are you seen?
Are you clean?
Are you just fine?
Are you on the line?
Are you ensconced?
Are you into fonts?
Are you over?
Are you rover?
Are you between?
Are you quite lean?
Are you teething?
Are you breathing?
Are you at the stop?
Are you about to pop?
Are you all about?
Are you gonna shout?
Are you heightened?
Are you frightened?
Are you biting?
Are you sighting?
Are you likely?
Are you miking?
Are you loping?
Are you hoping?
Are you knowingly?
Are you glowingly?
Are you more?
Are you sore?

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Este campeon paraolimpico de rotura de cables, es un extravagante usuario de los micros de contacto de pies a cabeza, alkimista de torpeza mesmerizante con irritante voz de abuelete.. CRANK esconde en su saco algunos trucos recurrentes(emision absurda de conciencia vocal (revindica el marginal genero del canto en la ducha)instrumentacion aleatoria, ademas de la inagotable jodienda perpetrada por los micros de contacto y los
consiguientes cut ups que emegen entre la maraña sónica
Tiene la capacidad de captar absolutamente la atencion del espectador.
avisados estais...kuidado kon los karteristas!!!!

Zigurats de carton, armatostes cefalicos , conductos de ventilacion, detalles susceptibles de generar oscuridad hipnotica y otros cachivaches dispuestos a dar la paliza con grandes dosis de ternura.
,... crujiente y troceado ruido derramado sabiamente y
su manera de agarrarse con avidez al lado absurdo de las situaciones.
Un chute de espastica eskizofrenia.....esto le caracteriza.
Sus performances son un viajazo con reminiscencias de una regresion a las infancias mas gamberras donde convive el ensimismamiento del teatro de la crueldad con la inocencia y el patetismo de este heroe con cara de pocos anti-amigos. Algo asi como epifanias de personajes de dudosa catalogación, makinaria disfuncional....vestimentas imposibles, y pekeñas actividades cotidianas impregnadas de rarefacción y tecnicas electroacústicas puñeteras.
De esto se vale en sus visiones místicas este heroe solitario ke un dia se transfiguró espasticamente en pez a medio hacer tras la ingesTa de UN esturion de 3 metros llamado Huso

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

(ance) wings

An intolerable crash beset the moment. Damnable damns, my stupid digit and flop... cursed by mobile, trends unfriended and veritable bile; sapped still and sterile without your pocket singe, eh? Meme, again. Cultural gene strands and lapses and relations and rem's gone with nary a bleep. Cronking, glooming, gleering, fleeping. Climbs to top and bends the squeeze-box. Elation will still come, if my required blaze meant for it in tenders.

Then still, the malls made the same. Pictures were allies and thoughts you-been-here. Palms unnatured and boars sugging celt limbs: this, and this, and this further still, made or maidendream, my not-really caused a stir in the memetic.

Hair bore and share burgers, constance and nape. Not a dire fire seasoning, but an egg mistook, and a swallow up for inky reads some fifteen years prior. Maybe this was the tune? Follow that ledger, not bought into the present biscuit of who-am's or plumage like the insufferable dents to ego and rift. All in good use, those five tear divides... were for it naught? A busy squirrelin' lesson to begat requiems for flour, lloyd, typography, and sabres.

Still, it was inching. Long labors, suit-and-thigh nights, bally-umphed in the sherry spills and what my natively becoming had hindered. All the vapors, sideways sewn and pancaked, panicsville and tremelo, caring for lauded circulars of spat fits and shivering, well, maybe, and then a coughing break.

As an update, my loves were elsewhere. Pitting the memory stick with want, what went down, what could and could the roads, wooden be they, coddled with a fraught to be... cards were stacked, just a bite difficult. And ma'am, no elf.

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Mer interrupt

Sea chango loft and hire, sequester edgeways boffed and briar...

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Maddle rid

Up the clomberin' / hatten the batches

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lille, or will be.

On your postures.
Try this blazer on?

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on log

Slurs in ten dialects, the increments whisper and seem to argue. Why the seriousness? Sir, you must sit. Typesets and the printing rests arms and anger; no-no-no, it's finished, it's finished, he gabs on... and so we go with wet winds and raised peeks. Regular fixed. Angels without noses. Paper tiberius. Unfounded. Sought in soot of finger grace, hail, treaties, bandwads, wagons' beard, copa, lander, and thirteen. Only twelve more hygenics. Youth tires. Pots and clans. Captain aches. Screaming chord descension on an ample stare, tare, wheat, pissing content, dawdling, daubers of meat, tin cuffs, coughs of hand clamp, guys-you-immediately-dislike, and the land. Man the land, soda! Man that temperature.

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Monday, September 5, 2011

onward dwarf and parts larry

1. Adjust meaning for facts and cagney

The ebbs 'scapade and doting 'nothers chewed no leery rye, I mean, not yet at least, and nothing stateworth a smothering crabbery-hold on this din and tine of rited longdoing. I laid a good zen tucket here nonetheless, marrying gravity with brevity and howling ankles, and I mean ANKLES, all the way. Ankara would've been prowed.

2. of lists, shilled

Indecisive by inscisors and insistence on bliss, maths after had a string to fool. In charts reknown, these were partly wiling his bides for a feet (fivesome stance, as if, while to be sure); hillsome as if, then a chance trunkmaid made light of, that of as, and you knew before-a-hand that a cup, well-meant, would taper something bright and shiny with gradations and increments, all chipper-backed and handsome, brought adroitly with an akimbo set of files, biting 'neath sidewhich easy, meaning-well, scolded as revelations in the form of ads in tiny newspaper annuals, terse and concord, plying for a kiss.

3. Durate, dura, door eye, shun

Then were if naught, the toddy bees sung a sleeve an awoke us with a bill. I'd left the night with only a few bags, data rem being one of those neon beacons neatly given to people of handier wipes and perhaps fans of holidays where everything went well vs pell mell or wheels and deals and a stranding, with only a cassette of torpid pop from an earlier decade to use as an island.