Thursday, June 30, 2011

when turek dreams

Hey Matt,
Had another Crank Sturgeon performance dream.

I showed up late for the show which was out doors in the winter. It was in an ice-carved amphitheater at night so every thing was white snow/ice with an orangey glow from the lights. You were set up in a sort of partial cave and you were dressed as a stalagmite. (basically and adaptation of the standard pointy head sturgeon head gear.) You also had a few audience members dressed as stalagmites. When I showed up you were getting the audience to chant "Oily, oily covered in cheese, Oily, oily something something knees. Oily, oily bubbling glee, oily, oily bla bla please....."
The audience started to get up and march around chanting the Oily, Oily chant. I recognized Brendan as one of the other stalagmites. You led everyone around the edge of the theater and up onto an ice balcony. The last thing I remember was a group of 7-8 people with you up on the balcony about 15 feet up all chanting with a witchy glow of light( torches?) illuminating you from below.

Not sure how many Sturgeon performance dreams that totals over the years but I think you just passed the number of id m theft able dreams.


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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


1. you gaudy
2. chew won a
3. seth hessian
4. tough shirt
5. be read heeded
6. eye ma
7. pleasing he's morose
8. loom minute
9. son speck

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backing out

Optimum, really. The next trashings and treasures were emphatic and corporal. Touched by a lick of grey, the mustache laid ashen grim to this ceremony, laying frets to the gaiety and precepts unconditionally, back-toeing the lesson into nights of fit and rage. In a beckoning, or rather hasty retort, what was forbidden elsewhere couldn't cable a hold-on until the release of moths and weeks; monthly dialects that could only kindly shatter the bundle with beige and chamois strands, pillar-legs, exhumes, and rightly sussed, you'd imagine. The portents prayed though, prawns and peepers that they were. Diffusion of the context was paramount to belief systems tied to patience and patented presages; ropes wiled their way, as sure as azure trains a reddening gaze to pick off one pronghorn at a time. Sly grins were ill omens, however. I mean, all this talk of what boded and bedded for the symbols one was supposed to read as bread for pages apes and sour beer evenings on capillary repose. An ontological patter had beadier cilia to rampart the haze, as all was well stated and rephrased in the tomes of grievers and milk-sow, rapacious in its dance of a thousand hairy nails clasping and groping the floor. But discourtesies had their way, too: shore leaf, braided dung, cat-or-wall, an affront to the pop, and frontage expending the sense of opting for a hope sloped rearing. All rendered with the fulsome talk, and buttered with icons, the crest fell in convulsions of lisp and hay.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

likening it to two shi(r)ts

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Plug SP

The new Plug SP has arrived! Isn't he a stud? Naked & jacked, missing its pants, the Plug SP reaches waaaay down and grabs all your sensitive sounds. Simply attach any length guitar cable and roll from there! Check out th' website for all the gory details!

gee low "p/// (nert

Patters and the rife stucco of trounce and flouride. I'm back in brownstick, knowing full the well and well, the veritables and variablends could stripe extrawides and
cash out the lurk earlier than rescue. Gonna be two wiles before the getback hones on a 'nother wren-time-see-you-bin/getcha twice with hints of blisstech or steel. These then tee fires and fife the matter, mother soul, and rite the end ants whole well hellie and bedded-downed. A drying concurred after drows and waterlungs armed the payments-to; a fraying recur to style-wise the teats of buster-dung that tagsome shirk--- and sherry on sheets, the shrieks would lay. Hole porters and plausible twelves, boxpants and prurient sentiencesome, I miled a druther, and pew did through.

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Friday, June 17, 2011

paryz d(own)

You got that square?
Oh how he hated the feedstore!
Future visions of stamens and fistulas-- orgiastic album cover landscapes, part marshall, par gland-- lapping seedy banks of spill and after-rinse; grime and piss and red velvety undercrotches just awaiting the exhale to finally exhume and sigh and wriggle whitebelly up, fetid poultering, bad chin, weak upholstery, mildly acrid in pigeon bicker and dick.
Windy wence?
China upply. S'ed and heard, (H)'eeded and died.
They stole the art and beat his eyebrows into compliance and occupied palestine. Along those lines, none could proffer details, nor would curtains reveal their tenderlings and pinkeye adds-aged and the sorority of foreverumoan, wails included!
You got this box finger appliqué and the sheets would tire or fallow read the hectagram season with threeshot pill caps and weekly bone supply (milk). Calcitrate bastards chalked along equivalent straightaways to bind weavings with the hairknit; gorging and grotesque, jolly fingers to the nail, satch and roe shyness.
Heidi fingered on the dither happening, you could coil it a sly while away, digits under lung, and a sheep setting unlike the any of other many yew. I could tether the seal, betraying this T as a scowl or fakir tense, but dislike grew a notch further when the beards came out. It had that feeling, somedays. And others were bitter as none.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

my're ons k-uaq

1. Altered couture
2. Coulomb atelier
3. Atavist collapsible
4. Collaging altricial

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

lactrum chelled

All-lone, spy eyed and the what-have, a counting session with idiom and them's-the-beastie, she heeded her a congress ingreed that bounded the loathesome tooths with a critical pit and T-emblazoned tableturn z that the didn't-knowledges quickly shafted 'longside, tapering the gust to a whine, and with a widerdown, all the oils spooled bits for craft, sending the majors tightly-tight, ignoring all the cajoles and hay in the mire-tister, lowing olden yellows to the beak and sure.
Kold to its heal, seals would clomp z's all perrywell and pleat the chance from wence a yearn would ten this ester, cooling wool as pete-to-teat, and sufferbills had the williamhold on and on, worsted seven out of hen and cleatly preened of ecadence and sibs.
Too and too, the sharpie barbs bid fellmony and ontes three and fire, owning one of the six to sheer that reddening toil all wogged and primpt for says on-endsworth, lassoed with the tongue and beach ensconced, lazer-hayed and bighting briar wiles, for-along-cessant-cames; ands-you knowled and hiped, legs gammly, bambed, and mesa-able.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

on toppled ought 'em

Twits on anime. I fired that cheffy ages lack, sequestering his plump waddle forthwith and having had too many narrows to widen swatches with that itchy linen ye find on dry creek beds come torn8do seasonal hymn. Speakin' o: d'you get the rosin? Pied preachy and lit like a beach, that macalister was a bodesomewell when the mewls came all prancy like ranch dun-wiles a' laboring yores and eves klinging line-duct (you know it) all telebrubb and shiny. Fckn' eels too; smiles having the slick and retoeing heelscut in a sense satori that berated edges like yestersneers imbues. Gotta din that some a'likening hew. Gotcho already meanings when the tide went oil dimpled, pimps sierra, and conduit cleansed. Twelvefold and frittered, them's dust devilry had a certain veining in the Q-rile, leaning in with a leavening spire, coaxing the anxioustry with calendars for beers. I had shelves of weights, and thensome bricks, boy; and surefit don'tcha, they toddlered the teeter, and poled the tirey eye till I fell.

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