Monday, May 31, 2010


(eyes used for tooth support)

Eyes abused for truth supplied

Do this:
Carry a notebook
Go for walks
Find neat stuff
Give neat stuff the gift of a hastily drawn eyeball from said notebook
Leave no trace, excluding possible butterfly effects
Move on, as life has many walks

(eyes used for tooth support)

Theorem beaking

Bugs like chiggers sew the blackfirst tomorrow with those eyes ears and era-sears wit sends alley mon way to the heat of to-fore and midewhiles o'er dent and sures the onst finds her cue, leftly rightsook.

Candy was a hotday, as sure as was my shirt. Becks and heckenswidth, ons and frobs tonding mission hesses while-the-whurlish, chaws from dandy osprey teens had willow and beaking's worth for this harp on the huely-- bettered pads and ting lies, owe ewe and no, hlee yonder tigh, peffering sled for thatguy A, led and bledstone the weight of fours and tries bring he to it and marred with obstacle shells, glimpses to that former, in wished gushes of raingoaway.

Cherished licture, Biking devers, gotts for daumeninger...

His licked, her sopes withstoond. Foursome eight and having heft to leaf: dem's bugs rightened madly.

(ahh yez, I lift herr)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

There is no title because there is no title

A special heck for the hood mountained since.
Ol' mom was momentous and angered salad, with worms and empires doing this uniform sortis; manambulating and fine jig rested best foft on that they who could see her, with 45 mph for us on the otros cling: many buckets on the sleepy pie dormer, treanted feals crought four error shem's and combines mortart (u shez, we dez). God a hake for the tealmous fantly! Maaaan, I ain't taking it no more. Maaaaaaaan, you gotta some width there hessy dote and glimbing hits for for for ain't chew dint chew andalay mansion that beard and dole souks soles sitsbaths fourteen (hagan) I ain't, ain't, ain't whatcho bin totalling in mathmetrics ending in solder or roaster or finish your damn zemester fake. Off to the corps, he quitagainquitagainquitagain'zer. Strife's too short, momnan would jester. Allied forces, giddy whelped and without the quakers in stride, alloyed the blessedly bead ted for another motherly popsquid. Turn off the alarm, friend. We don't speakzen no dutchrabbit here.

(hex on the gibbs, we, us, tex fused with an iSore preported)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tease Test(e)

Tea testing tease. The baggers went inserted sand with cradles and wicker hens full of dries, all mewling to get into that special place, where if you stood too long, you'd nearly break down and cry or fire the house censor for being a tad too third gradient, and or german, or just a hairwidth shy of being tall enough to pass muster on the crossified shimmy get-down and book urns of jesuit babe, clad in the browniest aura of brick throwing asp and muckle, aimed low for the balls of senate, ingress, and cups of sherry, held as white elephants over plumber johns and pissmoan marys. It all was in aid of the former postulates and ivory states of stance: once cherries, they now had the gloat ready for terrace frowning. Added insult wood beam that rectal thermommy, juiced like a roid calf, and a qualf of a savoury herbal mix of rosemary, cavendish, and meisterbrau; you know the type, all piled up in sedentary oils and gleaning like a verdant meridian, awaiting the anathema for a priori malts and hoopers to climb crowingly to abut the genteel frasier with pieces of chair, teat, and peter bailed island reticent ambition and gambit coatl. Fourteen more days, my shinning knock-kneed protean inconstant. Set the limitless cherubs with a task to carve circles from the kilmer, and the unrest will chide niceties to bro better annexes. These will be our times. And timmy was the tune of skirts and chortles. And dim was the sets, embarrassed of all things, with thirteen suns less to carry missingly in septal requisites, and the raffy scores of long legged mal askings, they, my friend, only they would be culpable only of porn and candid aiding of mists. After all would end, and the reams of a fault line would find omni shrouds in shelf-lives painted red, white, and algae bloom.

Sythe my tetse

Fisty cuffs and onion ian. A misery tea itinerary; leftover which ends the dated mace of cloying yogis, bastions of wild tight and cleat sheens forthed over rinded and played for-over the mess and sedge, says to the ewe, loft and addendum belch blowing glowed glues and feather whether hits, bacon on an orange blossom and again, feeling ties and my tits sigh. Sham nips at the cage gauged rent staid with ires on focus, measures with a tin toil and barley cup slash of oak belief. Criars rich in topiaries, the shoshoon went elseway, staying on the long line enough for the rope to fall lover middle end, mired in centrist pabulum and jutes on a target nearby, parking lot skewed to fourteen papers, batched end to end, ladled maybe in garish relay, resistors, mansions, elk, and thyme. Later, pods with large senses of being would come back to fix the since-manners, and this was no reality better for the baring, nor an easy upset for formidable allies on the next team hex point and previous vexation or secession chimes on ten to fifteen, dropping one to make a dream come clue, and we all loved Barry. He made britches seem like points on a map, cherries and ladies' slips, mushroomed with oxides and tomes revelling in that itchy feel of fibreglass on a lesser hang, two fingers plied for a scissor piss and pity you weren't there when the stuffings were really beat. But drums and carpal tongue pressed near and far, the herbaceous flyover hadn't deemed a medley like that in years, or perhaps, seconds by the stroke of six, eleven, and algebraic finites stilling waters where the efts and papercuts played out life's ramas and parade day sun-jun smiles.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Arm me, arm me!

(the latentest in a series of rebellions with the flabby american cowboy, i.e., the secrets of men)

Malaikat & th' TeaBaggers @ Space Gallery

Malaikat Dan Singa! At SPACE! Tuesday May 25! Omigoggle!

Featuring Old Time Relijun's Arrington de Dionyso, Singa drapes and tropes with groveling tuvan throaty groans, wonking bop hornaction, with some smack dab bass trundling... it's a damn fine Indonesian shake down!!

Likewise, idmtheftable & yours truly, will be there with some disquieting TeaBag legislation. Or at least that's what the am radio has us logged in as. Bring yr misspelt siggns and red blooded blueboy 'merican bottled-up anger-- we'll make even less sense when you get there.

Time? 8:30 doors
Space Gallery, 538 Congress
Portland, Maine

Cranky ol' Sturgeon


(eyes used for tooth support)

Friday, May 21, 2010

The great cobble

1. Commit to a project involving the tide
2. For instance, the tide is red, a result of algae bloom; this causes paralysis when bivalves are consumed
3. Having been there, tell people "it's a long story"
4. Be glad to walk; consider states of mind
5. Red tides are like red scares, fomented further by agoraphobic regions of the country that insist/assert themselves to be "red" states
6. Dig holes in the sand as the tide rushes in; this is a futile project involving the tide
7. If I were truly red, I'd stick my head in the sand like an ostrich
8. Alas, clams are communists
9. I tell my friend Jim that I had a "secret" fluxus handshake the other day while at the Apple store: a computer tech put the antennae out there while going thru my desktop. Observing my art, he asked if I knew of so and so (artist). There was a pause: a measuring each others' response, as if to gauge whether or not this knowledge was transferable. It was a funny exchange, but in truth, much like a do-they-know-what-we-know experience or a litmus test
10. Both Jim and I agreed: we were happy to be living in shhhh (1953)
11. 24 hours, days, or weeks later, check on holes left subject to the tide project and quantify into E-Z theorized packages. For instance, write about it or paint exclusively in the color red, preferably in a continuous or roundabout manner that renders itself both simultaneously moot and cyclical...

(eyes used for tooth support)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Roanoke, for Paik

(no, yes, choose your hüs spløp)

St. Augustine Part Two

Tap the title for the you tubery, but first watch Part One below (otherwise, the story will be kinda' weird)

St. Augustine Part One

Tap the title for you tube!

Don't forget to tuck

Inundated negligent non-data ETA rate, read the carbon candy slot. Take a twenty-five (it used to be), turn the handle, and in a minute, the newfoundfriend would drop to its knees, encapsulated in a barbie dome, but best hide it (else unsufferable would be heard such chiding wordplay consecrations) such as shag, baggot, roast, and the worsening of cumulo-collect in near memory retention: lariat. All knew the verbs and matchstick bundles vaguely that it had to do with something remote-- beyond horror or gore or or sap's lithe cheeks, hoarding cheese or potatoes and communal rules of having placed a row of huh next to seldom sounded righteousness-- even though it was nary or hadn't, that clue was beyond blue and godknowledge. But by clever appoint, the bending teeth would be the hares; scare shacks and mellow minnow creeks, snares set in tether-said sinewave fashions (off the east); yearning was just an adjustment reporting adjunct addle-hindered rinse, since, seance, and don't forget to protein-see the firestorm for not only its indeterminate brands, stoves, pipings' tight loose-fitting staring with wholly globular tomes, thereafter providers of a wellness program pirouetting in a series of minuets, dropping to a frequently coupled trio, only to groan the wood, and tables turned, would foot the far-flung epistemics with a treasury of reason, fond doting, and the irksome foil of herbs, trailer treads, and a swine cloven periodontal plume. And the seen would seek. Twine breathed between. Peppermint or a line in collate, inconsolable by defunct hisses and lower knowledges or knobs that teeny bends would later insulate, and further the dialogue into cloister ruckus, a series of undesireables, patter soaked in muses too many dismay ratcheted; cranes or whooping storks toddled in wence came the mooring, sheeted over in slaps of purplish mammary, and a baby that wants to truck. Possessive of shy, sheen of the best veined lassitude, would have it all over to bide in bin's languor and creamy tines of pine-scented fat-reduced lisp of tenders, loathe to tighten a slice of slothful ouster, rousted by the clinginess of a lover louvre and mommy-fending, shuddery slopes, verandas dotting the toils that ties once binded.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Post script, maybe?

... a last day, lasting memory of that which culminated after some four thousand miles. It all ended there; and meanwhile time here is spent wondering about it.

(eyes used for tooth support)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

High tend s'cure (iddy)

Tendons running high, I receive a lecture at the cheggpoint pout. Too musk, too egg, on orders in order to soufflé; dire magnets purr button topicals with cheshire rats and blatz beer recollect.
"You understand why our xrays went off, sir"
Little gobs of sturgeon maybe?
Opticals and balls of silly cons: you understand why our xrays went officer.
Seventeen seas, and I've never been berated this way before. It'd be conceit, but even the fish eyes receive consternation... odd. Eel. Concealing? With what, the bags under my eyelids?

(eyes used for tooth support)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

Thirty gallon feat

Roanoke, VA

(eyes used for tooth support)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Roe an Oak

Roanoke, VA
(gentlemen, grab your buckets!)

(eyes used for tooth support)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Carpal Hill

Irene's band fund:

The Montanan solution.

(wise fused foe ruth deport)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ambleth; excerpt

St Augustine...
96 degrees

Wrapped and Chris toed

In the bag

(eyes used for tooth support)

Monday, May 10, 2010

West Virgins, yeah!

(eyes used for tooth support)

Laughter math

Buckets used for tooth support; ten five gallon blue boys and a few 55 gallon double wide plastics ... triple jig and incorporeal/ate the audience into the manifold stream, leaving a mark that lasts as long as you damn dirty apes would have it. Gotta love the switcheroo: it takes noiselectric to go for an oddio stroll and camo parade/make the painting even better. Islands in the stream, drought sessions, nonguiltburdenglass, weird morning cats, sweet pee interruptions, don't fall off the table, nor forget to goodnight kiss. Patience, brother: it may or may not take, yet the inferred goal is graciously redux by the best burger of innuendo and salty beer flavoring (times twelve, times twelve)(and I saw two alligators).

Ten buckets for one drought

Fayetteville, NC

(definitely tooth support used for eye, yi, yi)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

On draughts for droughts

St Augustine, Florida

1. Fill nuts
2. Couple up
3. Single file and circle
4. Knife dance
5. Noah's argh
6. Rentry and noise
7. Kiss all the cheeks

Friday, May 7, 2010

Tonight I nearly got locked out, fell down, and sent to that special place where if I stand too long, I nearly break down and cry

(trip-tick-tasm; gains vole rules)

Just sayin'

(going through Missouri, we encountered a billboard that simply read, "Marxist")


Best flier.

(eyes used for tooth support)

Quick heatened

(eyes used for tooth support)

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Morning view from the bedroom. Nashville, TN.

(eyes used for tooth support)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chance on a Chaucer talk

Lil' fur on the chica go... friendly Elizabeth snapped these at Jason's house. Big thanks and big ILL-a-NOISE! Rarawesome!!


Gentleman's club sandwich

Gary, Indiana

(eyes used for tooth support)

Sain't Lou

Lewis and Clarch

Loo is hand scratch

An Iss with an Ippi, an M with a view