Saturday, July 2, 2016


A long wooosh has made me not keen on the upkeep of this bloggery. It's a lot of uph to keep pressing buttons for a domain that basically erases its content over a span of time (discovered heaps of missing links and inks from the archives -- ack!). So, in a nutshell, I'll be yoinking the plug on this medium of communication and switching back to the slow-but-reliable html one-two-punch of ye olden website. That's that little button below that heralds itself as "webtasms". 

It's been fun, for what it's worth, but like all things internet, hardly real.

See ya.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Found Pun

Grindcore Karaoke

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

On the laps of brothers

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Attitude Problems (performance scores are lower than they aren't hi)

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

audience finger spindle during a tape-walk (featuring Bob Seger)

Twin & I

With twin, a double chin, a shine for an A, what do you say? When you get a boatload of trouble to spend with a double and make a
(and you got the cheeky stubble)
Here he is, or isn't, pleasant, or a resident, but you gotta want it, night after night to take to flight that violin, and again the double chin, and going in circles, orange (not purples), here y'are... 
Couple of hims. Hymns? Naah...

Monday, April 18, 2016

lug smote loathes

HE, well, lowercase t plus h and e, a sock drawer, mindful courtesy applied and not emitted with the hiring process of integers, fording poopcakes along the way, a terrycloth back rub, Jacob's bladder, sundry matters, childish servings of platters containing ice, broken teeth, and that shitty yellow mustard. 

Anthems with the H, well intended swearwords swording buckles, plates and resulting browns (the leaves aren't out yet) in a yeasty smell, and/oracle, ill-pointed chamber pot, necessity wink (she don't like), and transp///rec-room candies (like a wellspring or Belgian trippel), as or, simile insinuated, chin drops, greenness, owls for slippers, and upstate daydreams of itches and wires. You'll get there, pal. Once the truing spokes are cleared and we can rest E-Z, all tiny bits squared away i)))), hiss-clothed, ad agencies (they'll like your mom), and lastly, of course, brush-puckered.

golden irks and circle lurks

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My next album

Accidentally record 8 hours instead of 7:15:25

Saturday, April 9, 2016

post thought precursor

We'll send him back to sleep and wake me when you get a follow back on my way home

The parrots fed them sledge s into another world is a very long B. Today was a dampening soldiers management minis the TS -- and what a beautiful waste or something like that you are the best thing ever. Managements had been manage by H. s. even loner cards and lower cases good luck got had heard about it is not the same thing to say I don't think. The fact we have a good one who   Has Called Upon Job well, we weren't growth, and apostrophes ' (') parental G, hessian s pampered to get to know how I can see you soon as possible and I don't think anyone understands how much you mean by a few weeks, taken withstanding, or sitting, as pleasures with a lot more fun if it wasn't even there is nothing button, asteroids. 

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

interpretive dance

Intriguing results. 
Now and again, a missive ducks underneath the hose, his nibs (El Huso), the house, and all those other random chance operation radarland in-betweeners. I'm posting this correspondence as it's 
a) signed anonymous (which is ultimately, very curious and, in our day and age, also rather taboo) 
and b) harkens to a day when one on one conversations were carried out via postage stamp. 

It reads:

I had to dig deep into the website to find the email, and me and my colleague have become very intrigued by Crank Sturgeon. Here is all the evidence we have gathered on the website thus far
On the crank sturgeon website, many links and website are hidden throught secret links in pictues. 
"Huso" is a common name said in the website. But who is Huso? When clicking in certain order you will be brought sound clips that say "Hello Huso" and "Goodbye Huso." After this, you will be brought to a Q&A. More about this later.
While looking at a website found through conventional means, we found words on "Huso" "Huso, depicted in black paint and collage.
Huso is a triangle-shaped monster whom confuses his own eye with a mouth and ear; a multi-use orifice which changes according to mood (which ranges from malignant 
to benevolent, paranoid to peaceful)."
This sentance has also been repeating multiple times: "I came back to pay a spate of eyeing and spying on you and your hands" Meaning quickly watching someone in rapid succession. It is unsure if this is Crank talking.
Along with this, number 11 of the hidden q&a asks "do you really want to hurt me" I belive this is Huso asking this Q&A. Huso is attempting to gain information on Crank, and Crank must answer. Crank is not sure if his own creation 
actually want to hurt him. It states that Crank was actually born on the floor, and never liked this fact. His knees wobble when he thinks about his past when he was 9 years old, he must have had a bad childhood.
In one question in the Q&A, he states he wants to grow arms, in order to reach higher places, and have powers such as teleporting himself. This may be how Huso was created. He seems to have some sort of fish obsession, maybe it 
relates to his 9 year. "When offered candy as any token, i accept." 9 year olds love candy, possibly resulting in a rapey situation involving a fish. Which aswell, Huso is a type of fish. Connection? Likely.
Thats all we have so far. Also, many places on the websites say "Plugin not supported" meaning i could be missing many different documents. 

I hope you can point me in the direction of any data we may be missing, Your fan,

ten will get you twenty it's a drink or a damn

hertz lest

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

v.v.v. for P

An evening session that was carried away with, placed on a gurney, sent careening down the infirmary hallway, into the bucket-o-needles, a pot or two containing soups with nettles, stakeouts and stacked (those kidney-shaped basins) formed into columns and gathering their course & horses with schemes on highway racing, plots about hissing, or wincing, a mile of printer paper with words on and on about coworker dissing, each and to their colleague, they would do their ties up in a suspecting orange, but spying sprites (out of each corner) a splicing blue, what a hue, that evening missed or spent hell, a goof, a goodbye kitty, a pillow-wreck on coastal route 60, bones and goners, wonders or boners, the spit-in-the-yikes was for rinsing, and it was a warm hush that filled each denture thereafter.

Dept. of Perp. Lore