Thursday, December 31, 2015

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


eyerank, sittle hitzen

A pile up of revisit/ables. Shim-rank the eyes to add a goose when brackish, whereas it's cloudy out there, but adding singings to the pole can get the pokes done. Hadn't claimed? Well, well. Well and welp. Sea you here and hearing loathes to coax oceans when can's don't ask for seals and the thropus goes all-goaty. Get it checked out, maybe do some banking...

(servile smid's / B +)




1. is at
2. in truck
3. shin or
4. sand



Sunday, December 27, 2015

shoulders? bwown

WHO is to say what it does when you're looking at yourself, pining for a preen, in from the cold, looking for gold lessons when the trees won't hash? And WHERE does it land, and upon whom, or what type of shoulders, when all accounts have been settled, mettled with, and honk the eerie cry of lassos doing their bidding, tying legs together into pretzels while you lay with your life, or a fantasy of a wife, next to a mirror, pacing Sunday hexes in suggestion or in lieu of those tightly coiled reams of dramatic head games that burly their pillow cheeks during the lid-closing dailies, and the dallying marks of routine? Do you ever fret when wet, not slippery, but sticky with suctions, bunions (i.e.,), sanctions, factions, fractions, maledictions, contra dancers, ionic prancers, Chaucer's or Danza's, vendettas, poinsettias, and wrists amassing, wishful canvassing, Christmas crashing, bushels of passion, rationing the beer, for a second or your hour of court duty appear, smear, leer (my favorite word), (lurid, turd, filthy word); bastard hats, among the cities for of hep cats, sororities not frats, spats, spas, gauze, laws, or tobacco chaws? Are YOU gonna?

Monday, December 7, 2015

my year's top noise act

Down to brass tacks…          

I'll sum up the year of playing shows with the following audience indiscretion: 

Noise kid comes running into the venue, and spots his friend.              

"Hey…" he stammers, slightly winded, to his pal, "wondering if you could film the show for me?" 

"Yeah, sure, what's up?" 

"Well, there's this other show happening tonight across town, you know, so-and-so's band is playing and I wanted to catch that. Would it be all right for you to film for me? I'll grab the camera from you tomorrow."      

"Um, yeah, I guess…"     

"Cool man! 'Kay, see you tomorrow." 

Noise kid hands him his camera and runs out of the venue before anyone notices.              

I noticed.     

Hope you enjoyed the show(s). 


Friday, December 4, 2015

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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eyes used for tooth support

eyes used for tooth support