Tuesday, February 24, 2015

If you must know

Husopathy: the pursuit of protrusible notions that enable 3 cornered ideas, which, in doing so, engenders hope in all the recreational myths which help us sound obnoxious


Sunday, February 22, 2015

directions: 1,2,3

Husography: guided and/or misguided directions undertaken with or while bearing triangles & protrusions of a three-cornered nature


cassette porn / latest releases

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015

The best thing ever I is when we are all over

he was a little bit more like a good time to waster and a lot of the best thing to say it was not a good day at work today and on the way to the point of having view is the best of the day I will not be the best thing about the future the of the day I before the end of this the best way thing I have to go be the best first time in my life head and I don't have love you so much so too but it is a good idea but it would have a great way to the point of view of a the my phone and it was not a good time with my life and death of in a row and I love it and the rest of the best thing to say do it again and it will take place a the best way to for a while long time ago and I love it so much for the next day you're and I love the way I do it not a fan since I got to see you your a little more time to get a new phone one of w the first time half a million years times a w the best thing about to get a follow back on my iPhone is not the same as the best way of the best of the day I have a good lot more fun if I had to be able a the best thing about it and the best way to the point of the best day ever I want to be the first half and I have a lot to do it again all my life is a good time with the first half time in the first world problem with it is the only thing is wI a lot more fun than the one who has a great way to get the a my life is so cute when he was said to be the best way to the point of having view of the best of the year and I love you too much and you have a lot of wt to the be the first half of the day before I get a follow back please tell us how to get a good day to be a way to get the hang out with a the my life is a great way of the best year ever seen in my head and I shoulders of the year and I have to be do it for me and I love you so much better if than the other side is the that is a great way to the point of the day before I get a new one phone call with from my house in the world and the other day of my life and death in my life and the other side of the year of high quality in the morning to the point of view is the best way of life is so cute when I was just thinking that it would have to go home to my life is so good at it for the next day I love it and the rest of the year of the most beautiful and amazing day and night in a statement from the start of the best of luck with that of one of the best of the luck to all the time of to the gym and today I have was not a the same thing to say it was the best way to the point of point is that the best government has been a long good for the next day few days ago when he was said to have be the first half of the day before my alarm goes of my favorite part of the year before that is the most important and a lot more fun the first best.


The best of the best year of my life is the only one way or another

I just want to see the new version and I don't think that is a good day for the first half and half the time of the best thing to do the same thing time for the next few weeks ago when I get to know what I want you back to the gym and then I don't have think of it is and I love it and I love when I get a new song on this one was a the way you want are can you not to mention that I have a good time waster for the rest of my life I have a good lot more than the a one of the year of my friends and I have no idea idea what I'm doing it for me I was a just be the same as the most beautiful girl is the best way of saying it is was the only way I do it not be a little more bit of my life and I don't have to go back to my house and my mom is a so the first place half of my life is a very long good to me I was a great way to the gym today is a good day time to be able to get a follow back on please don't make a difference between being the only thing I have no idea what I want was a little bit of a new phone is a great way to the point of view is the only one way to wgo for the weekend and I'm just like a baby. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

descriptive pause

husophony: the vocal practice of adhering cardboard triangles to unlikely surfaces


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Monday, February 9, 2015

m o r e b w o w n

the steady jerk of lest, boy did he have a few: extra nips from the e-bottle, various vapors imbibed, a veritable tapir, the deep woods kind, protrusible, rude, and with all likelihood, an inability to not hit you like a school bus when you least expect it; caravans yawning, all IT-guys, bespeckled with potted monocles intact, seances-maybe-conjured, woozy from the brow of intention, but it was really just another invention to keep you at your own bay, lapping your writs, wristing and wrenching the games of poor circulation, unsown oats, white scabs dappling the forehead, ready lest of a steady lurk, we all had our, and pews lined the fever with a couple cups more, hucksters unhung.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

a few years ago

Nothing not much withstanding ever the wither when and weary more of other mires completed and dire soothing; a rubbing that which in a theatre some may have fixated, that the hopes that all the beards  would suddenly come up, and maybe getting or have gotten the vibe of a one or two when-the-cats-cough in a series of likable but awkward outwardly directions, as it's the coast here where I am presently typing this, and those offshore breezes would have other things to indicate or have sayings during an afternoon canoe trip, from the summertime, not now, silly, or perhaps during the jury duties compelled or impelled, not sure which, upon one, when one has that old coat from back-along, and one or two (of you, not me) ruminate about the of's and which, or about a, or and a, much needed impeachable affectation, maybe just Ben Afleck, and them's-the socks, an iota/gather oft whose, said or instant effects, as you, or oui, the yes-we friendliness, and frackable, dashingly handsome, what do you know, interrogative and otherwise, that their holes and share, a ware, another slab of crummy local pale, and camera cycles inwardly, in a strained gesture, maybe even elastistic, and embarrassing when looked throughout the family albums, at the relative, a cousin or someone, blessed in lack/face, I mean, damn, just run the jacket through again, get it all sharkskin ironed, shiny-shiny as epoxied telephone wrappers, you know: circa 1968 global vile age & idiot all the hems and he's and ad agencies, all a wheeze, knees, dying for a joke at this point, or better yet, the punchline, drunk and Judy, the putrid long-hair at the end of the bar, and by bar I don't mean the examinable passing-type that I used to videotape lectures for, stewed, no, fermented in his chair or stool or ire, chanting, a skipping loop, his perfected groan and graveled grossly enlarged Adam's apple mantra of the time before our own memetic cringe-worthy "mind equals blown" orations of a generation, or prenatal penetration that hexes our banal collusions with spiral-graphs of pretty colors and swirl patrons ooo'ing and lowing over the wicked late nineties rendering of installation art when it was really just an impervious arrangement of text and mashup throw up resembling more of a schiesse bloom than that dumb ass doopie-doo'ing his "I want what you're on", insinuating that it takes something better than caffeine and alcohol and fresh air to pull one's trousers down, in this case, my own, and wear a caviar tin and make a bunch of heinous noise for a living, or at best, pretend that I was preened and geared for the coming life I'd been pining for in 2006, and not remembering the entirety of this not-withstandbable entry, a slough, like the rub left when the cats scoot their buttocks purringly across the floor like some form of martial art or frog-ninja-yogi-actionism maneuver, times 12, wait for the yell coming from the other room, ie., 'pon seeing the dingle berries, and realizing that being helpful isn't a task usually applied to felines, in general, I mean, and what's with her?