Saturday, April 30, 2011

Unspecified Props (#42)

1. A roll of black asphalt tile shingling
2. Unoccupied sandy beach on a sunny day

(eyes used for tooth support)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Soi yun toon

1. Perps the chased
2. E reg U lations
3. Mine full madder
4. Hatsoph ici clay
5. Nein nune
6. Skeptic sleptover
7. Scrappablue palpabell
8. Sine sa head
9. Triff tales
10. Onchy trad yell
11. Ki bull kay bull
12. Ring a lynn
13. See said saudi
14. Airable ates
15. Ladders ladels
16. Hen tea rence
17. Fjord e fore
18. We el get chew
19. Lum steh di
20. Norkall ephore enya

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Wiles the way...

1. Internet

2. Too much meddle

3. Alba BBQ murky

4. Noise show (part 1)

5. Compañeros (noise show part 2)

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(on wisdom's toil)

The root takes you, rakes in, and sets the mud into particulates of brick, beige, and stucco. A new mex slowly has the trio on a feverpitch H and the much ado over too much or muckle lucky trykes and tight waddlesome beeline missives-- the good kind, only only. It's a severed sea. Patrons back east chide and act about their little man syndromastadt; peach fuzz aftershaves to get down, but really just ugly lil' muggers, thieves, and pieholes with eyes squinting just so to shield from their own golden shower hours of power.

I am so far away from this. Dire it migt be, that mudland, but it'll remedy shortly. Meanwhile, we will eat, fund ourselves with shiny bits, take back rests, and see this endless leer of desert and ant lion in the and at the fullness of frontal-- yawning, glamming it up, and harvesting nails or nkondi dolls with an ever glance; loving each bite with a requisite severance.

Depictions as such.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Toe porn 'atcha

Yer frigates haul loose sine eight!

Border collies colloquial and the tamper tempori, welled-d'up & d'up, she no holly there brother; no dice nor vice nor vex nor stack nor hack nor hi-five fighting hands and subtle sands and randy lands... no sar! No sigh, no shit nor shitpie (twelve eaten, lowly low winder toe)... got porn instead. Gut horned and them cate-pillar piles: hoary and shingled, shi and chi and skiing lardbottom crux the juice (p-fu tandem opp's); clipped mila lia shinbone soup alder burr and the coarsing of c-worded lapsing all the fortified t-bings and scotswold and wadded boar kindling kind of cared-for, but left to a twenty ape mess hall and sire messiah passage (insert yore-dates here). P-fugs and riddling meerk, shem and she-hymn, clapboard ladder bard lux that hux to a thricewild tenfool taudry less in healing, a heel-in, tune-drop, potpie, timothy candor, tape cassette jealousy and congealed lousy or mite invested plates of styro, killtoys, table stares, and felldown mount ivan, an old gold solid, pecked to seven hours of this, chris, kiss, and guilty leasures by the cool. Oh it was. And it went. Oh and t'was, a mildewed lent.

(eyes used for tooth support)

root (and toot)(astute?)

Exhibit A...

Ex sahib "bee"...

Eggs Ahab Sea...

(I no yes you sue me hottentot)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

oui, sightings

1. Pet sounds...

2. Pest friends...

(i's, u's, 4's, 2's, port)

an array deedie

The desert's son crosses hexes and hindsights from wintery gapes and ringing. There's a toast here: not one to you or the great heralds; neither scope nor speak-wells and umbrage tempers. An east, almost. On airfold wires and 'ploding texan-- cresses, a bit maybe piteously, but tender to the mule and crash hatching mewl of dead earth entry. Responses are all a toss, at least in the treasury and redemption cans clangor-- all that slow scar reddening ye rest-able, scorning the ones who sit too much. The inquiry tests the answer-dumb: telling travails of who and who, all those important people to whom the letters once held a stoic regard. Seems now the whole ploy is on a funeral dirge, coughing banter and in a dinge of tin alloy, elegantly numb from the nape to the scrotum, covered in cow, and braying to the wrists.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Un tryst

Likeable featured.

(eyes used for tooth support)

Eugenie; Sacrowedges-in-the-mist

1. The nonsense of stuffingly abreast with la brea, them's issuances and shorely, well, done good for cables, cabers, capons, and carbines.

2. But surely too, remiss-- this longitudinal stretch meant for a wellspring of carapace and amarillo. The yellow senses of ol' man Baader coupled with the fluidic memory. Those like her's were bottles received, and a bitterness left with her reminder of strength, endurance, and a little more than just a heartbeat to ponder...

(eyes still ensued, used properly masticating applicant)


1. Down

2. Rest

3. Further

4. Mother

(size used for soup report)

root again

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Interest piece

1. Shrug
2. Sigh
3. Shrug
4. Sigh

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Spokane; audio revisit

Spokane spoken

this meatened

The tower yore continues...

Taggart fills the space with squares and lights; I perform my first ever violin. It's a rainy swept hasty, too; and of fortuitous timing, nothing the chime of warm faces cannot remedy. See, things are sacked and frowning, but find meaning in a good city namesake in this opposable thumb norde-end wester-side... so far from hymn! The home and comb of combine ideas: angstie and treasured embattlements of wits and build. A man could use a good lair of tongs and curries, masala styles, foots-in-the-doors, and happy greetings with strangers and new friends-- and here he finds! A tow of tears and fats and hams; brevity bearded by three-act parables, or one task with dollar store entries and a manual timer, amplified. Funny how the sound sutures with the visual, combining like eggs and heat to make the oyster yelp.

With that, I'll secede. And you should too!

amino, circa le gong


vial lynn
viable inn

1. HUP (one)

2. HUP (two)

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cloathe to despond

Aye, my roils.

The tour portends and proceeds, now vacating past the snowy shelves and into a persistent itch of persia and rain. Presentable selves do little to encompass the unusual insufficiency of visual stimulant descriptos and depictum larders: it's been tried, and now she's tired. My gut hates this occasion; we'll remedy, we'll redeem (coupons undisclosed)...

Two hundred smiles south and a seemingly smug fortnight later, them there verde careens, ostrich legged and billowy, tuned tapped & rapt, still embalmed. On tables, things -- tangible and remembered -- are laid. Eggs, letter blocks, holes from paperpunches, candle wax. Thirty six in all, the fables weep in the american closet: watered down heavily either with purchases or a demure leonine temperance. Four more beers and we'll see 'er through; conversation dogged, but juiced for the next advent. Sure and sure, these chores lay down quietlike, unobservant an' steadfast thinking blinks of schedules and pennies, or badly acted film surveys in long gone phonetics and phonic magazines unloaded weekly.

Badges sealed, smooth and baldly, a torpor for your tithes, friend. All this chaste hammering and lonely breeds. The two? A palpable plain. Oily oaks and corrals of foreclosed lent as-to-whethers and shored indents, ventures sewn. Damnable predictions: more rain tag this boat will show.

And ah's, me roil. On's ended apt.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

cross the ex's

(seattle sued for seuss supple taurine)

ocko lush

(eyes used for tooth support)


(eyes used for tooth support)

Monday, April 11, 2011

wilde bloes mann

1. aftermath performance
(laurie taggart lindsay patrick tribute)


Billingsworthy, montanaja

Pat's Place: first stop of the ire & repute...
1. Que Crank

2. Quo., Matt Taggart (sweaterspit)

3. Collab... (cinnamon floor)

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Eyes soothe the scurry scoot up and over thrice wile.
Fire bespoke; smoten and smuts and smited the smitten-- occupants on the frequent-- but I'll manage, thanks. He had his done and she weighed the trickle back to a tune of this plan or that (place); the gentlest of touched, back on a deadening three-up's addle and plane port. I didn't miss this part: wore ten sides, strand by standing-oil, shined to a shoe or vapor, later to beast me or then the oui, par for concourses, dialects, rotary chips, barbecued cobweb, bad hatwear... lauded with slow loch, holds the hilary, dumber down dire, and at the behest of lime: a foldsome freed, apt welling of gush, tucks, backholds, chronicles, leveed by a tyre on a stick.

Burst day on tower; frost day onsets, tours, lives, moanly chomes, grones, irksome ween. Mountains, ya? Oh, she soaps, friend. Where ye gone? Wrens and bower turfs, beds of a heather, birds of a ballyhoo, burrs of a billings. Here, I stayed. Glimmer gibson, and a canary on each handout.

(eyes used for tooth support)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Delta recedes to blank

On the omnibus of OD delivery systems, precluded and delusional, the profile pocket could only stuff the box just-so. Much ado had done with ticketless infants, prero & ogged, superlates and eaten aided with rue fates baton and yellowy sugar crisp or cripes. Mellow tunes. Byes and buyers overt byes and billfold bytes with a finite loom, a krill parade, a dented sea of shane, wee-wee, plaid, and knotted croat. Cell fomas, mitten glowerly, bad hatchet crisscross nigh-wayes plated out with a seethe of feel. Keeping on, my bust had a sedge. What's the utah flight?

(eyes used for tooth support)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


1. Tour prep
2. Received this message
3. Montana is at it
4. Montana has changed

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Pyre dryer & iWide (Crank/PCRV West Coast Tour 2011)

A toe for your teats, this tour will tire tears! Sez the following?

Once again hurtling the continental divide with ol' buddy/ol' pal, Matt Taggart (PCRV)

4.10 Pat's Place, Billings, MT
4.11 Wild Joe's, Bozeman, MT
4.12 Object Space, Spokane, WA
4.13 Funhouse, Seattle, WA
4.14 LeGong, Portland, OR
4.15 Vinegar, Portland, OR
4.16 New Zone, Eugene, OR
4.17 House Show @ Klowd's, Sacramento, CA

Hereparts we join up with the Styrofoam Sanchez triple-choir-quadruplets...

4.18 Zoo, Oakland, CA

Whereupon The Haters ally with our convoy...

4.19 Dem Passwords, West Hollywood, CA
4.20 Trunk Space, Phoenix, AZ
4.21 Small Engine Reserve, Albuquerque, NM
4.22 Old Curtis Street Bar, Denver, CO
4.23 Old Curtis Street Bar, Denver, CO

See you somewhere?
Aww, you bet!!

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