Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The forest sings:


Sunday, April 27, 2014

no finer nose

The slow urge to spring forth quickens its gallop and wipes those bleary eyes with a staccato burp, re-sounding the shape of O's and generalized U's into a hue that gives valor where courage falls through, and a chuckling flushing noise chimes in with the chorus of flagella and a spice-so-nice that you have to dash for the sodium bicarbonate and beat the jeans with napkins and hams, getting furrier with each passing beau, and so, hear you go.

electric luddism

Friday, April 25, 2014

average high today

1. smell: downtown, burning hair
2. visual: cue toilet paper
3. action: stumble, steps

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Tree Chasm, doppelgänger

Here's a digital / sketch rendering of the inadvertent tree chastity (below)... note: if you've got time to build and photograph something, then by all means sketch it as well. 

fill in the teeth


Inadvertent Tree Chastity

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Friday, April 18, 2014

resounding epoch

today's walking failuretoday's today's walking today's walking failurefailuretoday'stoday's walking failure walking today's today's walking failuretoday's walking failuretoday's walkingtoday'stoday's walking failure walking failure failuretoday's walking failurewalking today's walking failurefailurefailurewalkingtoday's today's walking failurewalking failuretoday's walking failure failure

Thursday, April 17, 2014

a blanket statement named Phil

1. go for a walk
2. bring your sketchbook
3. fill in the blanks

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

one arm crow

a final finding on the walk, and what a walk would do: it takes you over the green-dammit coming-back vengeance(plural); a cold crisp snow having laden and white walled or washed and then in a barely warm push, the melt, the old winter's lap or slap or coat goes, gets gone, and you trod; not too much mucking or mulch or the smells of cows & melting hills this time, but several sights to swallow with eyes and toes enshrined and motorized, pleased to be outside, like it's some miraculous thing to exit a door, but you know, sometimes, just some days, it's a force to be recognized -- perambulation -- and all the puns and found objects, all these scurrying temporary beats, and yes, what ho -- a giant massive, a raptor gleaming, ogling for mice, high atop a top branch, and yeah, best you just shove along, leave it be, a him or a she, no matter, these will all shift on the next walking day...

t.d.t. and font apologies

1. it was
2. as they say
3. a tough day
4. tubing

walking / finding / balking / rhyming

table for one

Dinner for none

hump change for a leggy tid

The snow fell and that kid in the back couldn't hut the fuck up wouldn't you know, or Dan; or said staid methods of imprinting shirts, you gotta get out more, so, I mean, so-so or up-down liable, speaks the sim card and leftover layover under teeth and canyon gapes, you knew they would: with pithy titles in place for next lessons glare, lists, concert-like, stock taking tickets nighty neat all the tie you bet, you gonna be it just teary-eyed, right, right, you be you, and I just have to today, this once is a get out sublime just waiting and breezy, and this stork landing hefting wades as cumbersome tithes.

denude and de-nice



eyes used for tooth support

this is what these look like


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

status hype date


feverish dimst, if you can...

custom request; invoice pending

All done. I have changed my mind. Please enclose the toenail wrapped in a hank of hair and sealed with the wax of a candle made from the grease of a man who was murdered at midnight by a crossroad. For no reason, that's just how I like my toenails. If you could just attach it to an iron nail that was used to crucify a leper upside down under a full moon that would be swell too. Not for voodoo or anything. I'm just choosy.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

intersectionary reason



700 remaining




eyes used for tooth support

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

On a wander: winter receding is more interesting than summer proceeding

In order:
1. lung brush
2. strawpocalypse
3. gummy bare
4. assless chariot

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Four or More


sage advice for the novice lamb

Saturday, April 5, 2014

a little grateful extension on the turnpike


Friday, April 4, 2014

thank god for the oldies

Shovels misplaced, he took a dive for the worst of wares seen since the sporting agents came down hard on him -- and I mean, real hard -- what all, with their deals and promises of auto emission-flavored hashish and early morning blog portents, I mean, what a promise, just imagine him, imagine you, yourself, you again, all shapely and victorious, like Bruce Jenner or someone, all glistening in tracksuit mightiness, resembling a cereal commercial in those starched, crisp slacks that you, he, (one of you) used to wear, circa '74. It was all on a holiday, though, really, actually, all of it, memories ensconced and shit, the gnome garden, the beaten details that welled up sensational tears of memory and servility, the mortar advertisements that grimaced back at you (or me, remember?) in full-page spreads, giving you an erection back along (when you could still have one) in the monthly issues of Future Asshole Chagrin -- a steady supply of earmarks that would invariably follow each reading as you'd tab that page, line post-it notes on the real boner-popping articles, and  then sneak off during office after hours to do mimeographs of the especially "uber" stories -- mostly those consisting of lurid & grotesquely forearmed guys wielding pikes and halberds in lieu of plowshares and other peacenik allegories involving more of those fucking bohemians and their beards and their vice-ankled trousers. Still, a snow could fall any minute and add a layer to the misery of brown grass and the vacuum of impatience. Looking around, he, you, whoever it was, could or probably would line the butt up against the window and place the scope in a manner that would ensure delivery. Just a second, that's all it would take to wrinkle the fold of all preconceived notions -- that'd send the message, plus it'd save time, and so, with a waddle, he'd belly up to the edge. Combing back his hair, parting it perfectly, left-to-right and leaving an unremarkable line of exposed skin resembling the yellow and shape of a pencil, he sat and waited. Preachers, televised teach-in's, pants-less ninjas … they'd all creep by as would-be targets, but really, truthfully, it was a mirror he was gunning for. Or perhaps you remember? That ostrich character, the one with billfolds of Greek tragedies and supple pores on the back of its neck, pockmarks; the type who buried its head in the sledge of conspiracies and denials, untested convictions, wild cultish mantras, at any rate, a yammer, loud enough, that would shelter one's thoughts, especially during the height of battle. Yeah man, he was the one, or you were, or maybe it was even me? Hard to say. With a cock of the hammer, he readied the mortar, loading in one butt cheek after the other. At the right moment and with the precarious swat of a yardstick, he/you/me released the trigger mechanism, launching himself over the wall and onto the busy interstate. It was noted later that day in a side footnote on someone's social netbook network feed; no one really that important , well, no, certainly not an official someone of noteworthy praise for whatever deeds that person did or didn't do, save for the occasional not-very noteworthy habit of recycling. Well, the note gave some clue as to a sudden instance of passing fluid and smear that, rather out of nowhere, washed over his windshield. It was enough to merit turning down the radio when a chunk of tailbone briefly caught itself in one of the wipers, releasing a shrill high-timbre shriek. But really? Not enough of a distraction to prevent his diving back into the deep trance-inducing bars of Seventies Gold. For a headline, said-driver simply regurgitated the title (above).

Thursday, April 3, 2014

catching up on some irreading



Wednesday, April 2, 2014

lax hustle gist

Reads: covert polyps, for faster service
2. I'll second that (he raises a telephone)
C -- likable randy
html manifested the tone into a badgering to-fro skype shitshow
7. x'd doubt (and wise heaven)
J (always a good hook)
Treads: heaps of purple bound-up and tongue-keyed out-of's cable-grammed a steady-eyed hipshot clip-slow
2 again. LL Been (there, below, watch your step)

eyes used for tooth support

sunny husks and the reign of stolen chair bares

Dried umbrage, the kind you couldn't share, gave caring to all a splint and nearly took the jig up to new heights and looser stools. Temperament, as some prerequisite, found a hole in the seat, damnably obscure, but nevertheless, terry-clothed and chattering in a bicuspid whelp, the word, "emm" over and over. Flipping sides, a dare was made and he-who-split-the-geode-faster won something: a prize, a pit, a fruit roll-up, a yoga mat, or a sedge constructed from a process of yearly (and dotingly) stacking, which, from afar seemed like a regular Bronze Age conical structure of an earthen-type material, but upon closer inspection revealed a codex of manure and flaps, arranged side by each into a rotunda of ignored emails and daisy-chained sloth. A good day, the teeth held tight, longing for a release of acrimonious songs and lower molar aches prompted by a bile-like return of warm burps and caffeine to be once and for all over. Algae, by no other pseudonym or metaphor, was the lichen likened to glaring at the inane tots and coddlers, clasping their rich pearls, clutched by wee tarsals, but with little knowledge of what the use or value was of changing seats and what that could accomplish when on that particular bus.

Sightings, April 2nd

eyes used for tooth support