Sunday, June 29, 2014

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Denmark, between 2 & 3 am


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hannover bits

1. The place of
2. The state of*
3. The faces from

*thanks to Iris for the drawing

Friday, June 20, 2014

day three...

a furtive waft meets a furtive huso meets a furtive hand... to be continued

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

fish flue

a sneak peak at a flying fish, the last effort for the evening, and all is well to consider nowabouts this thing, a nap as it were, one decadently called sleep, day one, in hannover

fish in progress

day one

gallery in the rough gallery in the rough gallery in the galley and a gruff in the rough

Prague pictorial

Thursday, June 12, 2014

unmade made be

The long gravel continues on, wafting pebbles into the eye lengths and summarizing with candy wrappers, pornish newspapers, and a distant tang of septic something. We follow Tyskie Beer trucks, listening with cloaks and costumes to distant family dialects: when these efforts fail (decoding and beer chasing can be elusive endeavors after all) we consume and coat the belly with buttery meated bus station sandwiches. The solemn started awhile back, actually. An ankle here or there, an unpaid promise, and the new sunglasses that helped translate things into German. Ponderous and plodding details followed but only in ink and not these sexier emblems that are enabled by fingers and spread wide dangled, auto-determined by auto-correct and unweeded neck ire he's. It's almost an allergist, but serves ten, up to eighteen, long clawed and footed into the corner and with each tier, their own warm cat. Fellow man holds had greedy gasses passed ear to ass and scampered by henna clots, cloy to the touch, spun on low speed with countless zyw letter combinations. A scenario kicked the china hitch and a butch hutch fed us leaves, but not in a lovingly madder, but with hicks. Everywhere here, you see a lot of: pits, alleys, good-lookin types (mostly mountain tips), squeezed boxy cars, and unreadable sheets of contemporary jazz. We are all undialed.

eyes used for tooth support

in no particular euro

in no particular in no particular in no way or means infusing a particularity and in no manner by which we would infer something of a specific and or personal order whatsoever or whichever or well you know

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Paired Dares

as it is sliced, and they'll let you know, th, th, that their airy mountain hairs are quite near as a cliff faces go, yet redeem as a might-impossible to autograph, let alone make an accurate digital second dimensional facsimile. These rails have hairs too, at least eight in a row, sandwiched like hungry ciabatta loaves, bucking and gnashing their incisors like a barechestably in-heat rodent or chuck, splendid in his golden hour and cock, resplendent in hoary breathes as well as vibrator miles, but to stunt that prospect in a photo-journ or play ass-grab with the preacher's pet, I mean, all were hexmarks and standish plots; never a rusty rail or gale named apiary or frond, it'd be preferable to game it past and patented by local bruces and timid feels. A peel? Or a lumber jock? Glaze, gaze and gonner; matchsticks, lice and spire. Scream hi and the mountains cajole wise oaks and wish-you-wee-wellness apts and domicile pleasures. By happenstance, it'd be a kind farewell, take leaf off me, place a bent spoon near the town water supply, and beseech lords or hail merry hatter patches that lemonade yellow servility was like a dash of rubbin alc to a quietus eve; interropts, late-loom binders, sugar haggis and frisk riles, these found hair as hell.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Vienna take tow

an anti action comma land default handicap father portrait in honor of Otto and Brüs and the whole head of cabbage...

(now stand in honor and sing in low falsetto toes)

1. Break the stale
2. Lick the steel
3. Rake the cell
4. Take the deal

(do this until tired and go aah some pant)

Vienna na na

a fine form of laser siding, taken from the front and rescanned, audibly counted to ten in German.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


almost almost almost passing over the top of the world

hecks editor

errrrr, error fonts and adjacent fits to soothe the stages of traveler lingo and itch... the typeface wants to autocorrect the ifs into of's and ancillary archetypes. It rusts the trust of a ripen do-wobble and labia tiff; restate: majesties aren't without their mention as a man scratches his lice, but aaaah, and say it again: aaaaah, it's a traipse into head gravy and grace; an area not well understood nor dumbed. Don't worry, I'll release the elves eventually. Right now and roaring I'm not, we're not, and it's all a knot to hot-speak a pant into knowledges yet determined. Keep scratching, buddy. Forget the police.