Wednesday, May 21, 2014


1. party favor
2. riot gear
3. a plot
4. failed parachute
5. stork deposit for golems
6. an iota
7. nutrition
8. something about genitalia
9. take it
10. or leave it

Saturday, May 17, 2014

loads of important research today

instructions for banal object

  1. celebrate its birth
  2. read it the news
  3. take it for a walk
  4. snuggle it in your shirt
  5. feed it
  6. watch tv with it
  7. wrap it in paper like a present
  8. strangle it with rope
  9. bury it
  10. insult it
  11. apologize to it
  12. shave it
  13. go out on a date with it
  14. psychoanalyze it
  15. show it to the door
  16. leave it somewhere
  17. use it as an ashtray
  18. tell it a story
  19. masturbate it
  20. paint it
  21. use it as a backscratcher
  22. amplify it and walk away
  23. offer it a drink
  24. spit on it
  25. prepare it for its intended use and then use something else instead
  26. have audience text an instruction for it
  27. have audience sing to it
  28. introduce it to the audience (shake each person's hand)
  29. ask it a question
  30. sleep with it
  31. play pool with it
  32. play tennis with it
  33. spin it 
  34. use it for an unintended purpose
  35. kiss it
  36. float it
  37. challenge it to a race
  38. kick it to the opposite corner of the room
  39. use it as a frisbee
  40. use it as a bowling ball
  41. show it the moon
  42. using a map, tell it where you'll be performing next

Inspired by a performance by Keith A. Buchholz

important work today

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

friend film

'Friend Film' from Colin Barton on Vimeo.

This is a film my friend Colin Barton made, which debuted in 2006 or so. Colin asked me to do some work on the score. Here are the results!

rudeness adjuster

Sunday, May 4, 2014

impending questions on H

The nose touched him gingerly at first and then muckled on with a secret clasp. Hardly a furtive exchange, the bite was steady and prolonged, and yet somehow, also quite comfortable, like a lubricated latex tube with a ridge of pressure asserting itself along the bone, pulling the skin off with the precise fingering and familiarity of a medical professional.

Whereto next? I asked. Seeing the circle to the right and mid-pyramidal formation in the center, and to the left, just this strange arcing curl, I couldn't resist the urge to visit memories from when I was in my 20's -- when I used to hallucinate these same shapes, connecting sturgeon to buttes to triangles to abstract expressionism. Maybe it was all just a whim, or trying too hard with the late-night headphones strapped on, transmitting messages-in-bottles before there was all this immediate access that we enjoy today. All the same, there has to be mystery involved, as then, as it is today, otherwise we're just staring at these screens with little active imagination. 

Glib jibes and mastiff tongues, hoarding the land bridge meant gentle "purph" sounds in the morning. Collectively bound, these could be shipped off in clusters resembling early settlers' sod houses; the tract house of yesteryear ad agency tele prompt. None now, all the rivers have dried to dusk, blowing husks and tomes into acid baths of sunshine and early-proto beginnings; imaginary sapien meets his honey, adopts a leathery skin from what was once a fish tale. 

You gotta write though, Hus. Letters to wives, chances to adapt versus claim or seize or embolden oneself to or simply await a genetic transfer. All those records, shit, what a pile of fuckin LPs, sitting there, and not an easy thing to import, no way, not with those leggings. A veritable mesa, a tower, conical at the top, a noisy nose, rubber-tipped, pleasurable sure, but so damn big, and this media, they don't geddit. Well, whatever. More letters, man. Screw the DNA. 

SO, the arm went, then the shoulder, right side, neck included, other shoulder, left side, upper torso, abdomen, groin, crotch, thigh, both thighs, knees, shins, calves, heels, toes, and then, with a crunch, Huso left your head intact, forgivably face-down in the mudflat so that you wouldn't have to witness the last of your corporeal form go gulping down the esophagus or whatever it is that fish have that leads from maw to tummy. Sitting there for one last brief exhale, the fuzz grew over like an array of dancing AM station beacons and pops, except, instead of appearing as a predictable gray, it was a full technicolor blitz. Huso may have eaten your body, but damn, what a show he gave you when he freed your head. 

Sesame TWO

Streisand ONE

Thursday, May 1, 2014


top: tadpoles bottom: adult