Wednesday, December 19, 2012


i dunno maybe you should try it i dunno may be you should and then we could maybe get together after lunch and have a little mutual decision making and then a little cup of coffee or something or to ease the maybe discomfort of being two perfectly reasonable or something or people and yet two perfect strangers we could straining to get or something or to a common ground without having to take the vows maybe akin to marriage or something like that some kind of maybe blood letting or leeching or perfectly reasonable people and yet two we could perfect maybe strangers straining to get to a common reasonable people or leeching we could  ground without having maybe reasonable people to take the vows akin to marriage or reasonable people something or leeching contract contract contract contract contract that need be signed reasonable people cosigned dotted t's crossed letterheads reasonable people all proper in order maybe odious odious odious maybe odious as it seems i dunno, maybe maybe maybe we could just try for something a little more simple like tea or reasonable people?

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